Terms and conditions


Athletic.it undertakes to distribute only original products, officially imported and covered by the Official Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Each product distributed by Athletic.it enjoys the Official Manufacturer’s Warranty under the terms indicated by Italian and European laws. Once the defect has been discovered, the consumer has 2 months to report the defect to Athletic.it, which will provide assistance in obtaining the repair and/or replacement of the product as soon as possible. The warranty never covers damages to the products caused by improper use nor any damage caused by the same products to third parties or to things and objects of third parties.

Conformity Guarantee

A “lack of conformity” is defined as a defect that can be verified upon receipt of the product and in any case visible before beginning to use it. Athletic.it offers a direct guarantee against conformity defects ensuring the immediate replacement of the “non-conforming” product. For all other cases the Manufacturer’s Warranty is valid.

Examples of lack of conformity:

  • Receipt of a product damaged during the transportation;
  • Receipt of a product new with a visible defect before usage;
  • Receipt of a product with specifications other than those described.

Discovery of a manufacturing defect and Return Procedure
The buyer is required to report any problem and / or alleged defect within 60 days of its discovery directly to the manufacturer or to Athletic.it.
Athletic.it will authorize the return of the product (with transport at buyer’s expenses) and will immediately forward the product to the manufacturer, who, after a technical expertise, will express itself on the specific case.
After the technical response of the manufacturer, Athletic.it (or the manufacturer directly), will replace the product in case of ascertainment of the defect or return to buyer the product if it does not fall within the terms of the warranty.
In any case, for all quality problems, the technical response of the manufacturer is valid.

How to return and get a refund

The products can be returned within 15 days of purchase and will be replaced free of charge in the event of our error; if the requested size does not fit, we provide a collection and delivery service at a cost of € 10.00 with our courier. For the methods contact us by e-mail at info@athletic.it or by telephone numbers 02/48203354 or 02/48202646.

If a refund is requested within the aforementioned terms, € 16.00 will be deducted from the amount paid as shipping costs incurred by us.

All products returned in order to obtain a refund (except in the case of replacement under warranty) must arrive with the same characteristics they had at the time of purchase and must therefore be returned in “like new” conditions and be suitable for resale.
All original seals, labels, boxes or wrapping must be intact. In the absence of this fundamental requirement, the product will be considered “used” and will then be returned to the sender with a charge for transport costs or held with a penalty that will vary according to the conditions of arrival of the returned product.
Shoes or other products (accessories, clothing, watches / GPS / satellite) commercialized by us, must be returned without ever been used and must not have any signs of use. All labels (not removed) included in the initial equipment must be present.
The original box is considered an integral part of the product and so must be returned intact, without signs or writings that otherwise would not allow it to be reused for sale, therefore a penalty will be applied if returned damaged.

A garment must be returned complete with its original bag and with the manufacturer’s labels attached. The detachment could lead to the assumption that the garment has been used and therefore can no longer be returned.
The garment must in any case be returned new, unworn, never washed and free of marks, stains, rips and/or any alteration.

Electronics product, wathches, GPS, accessories
Many of these products are commercialized in sealed packaging and consequently the opening (even partial) of the same, suggests the use of the product.
The return of open packages without sealing seals and/or accessories supplied will therefore not be approved.